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Prayers for Europe
© Kees Slijkerman 2002
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The song Prayers for Europe has been written to foster the intercessory prayer for Europe in the period before the European Gathering of Leaders and Intercessors, organised by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, September 24th-29th 2002 in Poland.

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How the song was born    by Kees Slijkerman
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Prayers for Europe    

Lord we confess
the sins of our continent,
the wars between people,
divisions in your Church.
We ask you forgiveness,
we ask for your Spirit.
Make us bridge-builders
give Europe new life.

Come Holy Spirit,
Your power is needed.
Come Holy Spirit,
in You we are strong.
You entered the hearts
of so many faithful.
Lead us to unity,
give Europe new life.

We proclaim the Lordship
of Jesus our Saviour.
He saves us, He heals us,
He opens our eyes.
We proclaim: our continent
belongs to Him for ever.
Our co-operation
will glorify his Name.

Father, for ever
we are your children,
we are a family,
we want to live in love.
Take us and teach us
with your Word and your Spirit
and send us together,
our future is yours.
doc   pdf   Songtext (English)
doc   pdf   Nederlandse vertaling (Dutch)
doc   pdf   Hrvatski prijevod (Croatic)
doc   pdf   Deutsche ‹bersetzung (German)

© Text and music: Kees Slijkerman 2002